If you’ve got questions here are the answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the website legitmate, can you truly get free gift card codes?

A:  Yes, this is no joke you can really get free PSN codes or cards sent to your home or through your email. Just look to the left of your screen. Those are picture sent in my members showing off various things they have earned. You can too once your have gotten enough points.

Q:  How exactly does this work?

A: We get you free PSN cards in exchange for the points you earn completing surveys. You see, advertisers want you to see their advertisements. They are willing to pay to have you see the ads in their promotional surveys. This is how we get to provide you with rewards!

Q: What is the age requirement? How old do I have to be to join?

A: You have to be at least 13 years old with the permission of your parent or guardian to use what we offer.

Q: Will I get spam sent to my email address or home address?

A: You will not get any spam messages sent to your email from us, but advertises may sent unwanted messages. So, when you are fill out the surveys make sure you create one just to use on surveys. We recommend AOL. As for your actually home address, nobody is going to send you junk mail when email is fast and free. Don’t worry about that.

Q: How old will it take to receive my PSN cards?

A: If you are having a physical item sent to your home it will take as long as Amazon.com takes to ship it too you. That is where all our prizes come from. If you want to have a gift card code sent to you, it will be sent in an hour or two. These are sent from our system.

Q: Is there anything else I can get from here other than PSN codes?

A: Of course!, You can get anything from Amazon as long as you have the points. We also offer other gift card codes that you can get sent to your email such as microsoft points, wii points, xbox live gold, ultimate game card, and much more!

Free PSN Codes